Any artist who has experience as a printmaker has the opportunity to rent work time in the studio.

APS's studio artists work on an independent basis to produce their own prints. Studio rental is designed specifically for individuals who have demonstrated an appropriate level of experience in printmaking and are granted access to work in one or more printmaking techniques, including relief, letterpress, intaglio, monotype and screen printing. While studio artists are not required to have extensive experience in their chosen medium, we do require that they can use the facilities correctly, independently, safely, and with consideration for other studio artists.

Becoming an Artist Renter:

To become an Artist Renter all potential studio artists must attend orientation and undergo an interview (see studio orientation schedule at the top of the right column). As there are potential hazards in using the equipment and related materials, APS assesses the technical abilities of potential studio artists during orientation and an interview. Those who need to brush up on their skills are encouraged to take a class before attempting to work independently in the studio. We do not judge artistic merit in these interviews.

Please allow sufficient time for this process before you plan to start renting.

Two levels of rental are available for artists to work in the studio: Key Holder and Limited Access renters.

Key Holders:

These studio artists work independently and have their own key giving them 24/7 access to the studio. In order to qualify as a Key Holder, you must have sufficient experience with equipment and processes in the studio. Eligibility is determined based on technical abilities during the interview. Key Holders must be APS members, pay a $100 refundable security deposit, and commit to a 3, 6 or 12 month agreement.

Working key holders receive a discount for serving as studio monitors and regularly maintaining the studio. They must exhibit a well rounded knowledge of printmaking.

3 Month Commitment:

6 Month Commitment:
$80/month (working)

12 Month Commitment:
$75/month (working)

Limited Access Renters:

These renters work independently during open studio hours when a studio monitor is present. Limited Access Renters do not have to be APS members (members receive a discount on fees) and pay a $50 refundable security deposit.

Daily Rental:
$30/day (APS members)

Monthly Rental:
$70/month (APS members)

6 Month Commitment:
$60/month (APS members)

Studio Orientation Schedule
Orientation is held at the end of every month. Email Kathy Garrou to sign up for studio orientation.

Sat Apr 29, 2pm
Sun May 21, 2pm
Sun Jun 25, 2pm
Sat Jul 29, 2pm
Sun Aug 27, 2pm
Sat Sept 30, 2pm
Sun Oct 29, 2pm
Sat Nov 18, 2pm
Sun Dec 17, 2pm

Download PDF – Studio Manual

Download PDF – Rental Overview & Application

Open Studio Hours:
Tuesdays 10am-4pm
Thursdays 10am-9:30pm
Saturdays 10am-4pm
Sundays 10am-4pm

Studio is closed on the following Holidays:
New Years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

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