Atlanta Printmakers Studio is turning 10 next year!  To kick off this significant anniversary, we present a Top Ten list for giving a year-end donation to APS. We rely on you to keep doing what we do!
To Support Atlanta Printmakers Studio

10.  Because we are celebrating 10 years of success and planning the next 10, with exciting steps for growth and a new studio
9.  Because we've got a steamroller and we're not afraid to use it
Each year APS presents Print BIG!, a community event printing huge woodblocks with a steamroller
8.  Because Ruth Laxson and HENSE are our buds
Through the APS Collector's Print series, you can collect work by these terrific artists and more, all produced in our studio
7.  Because we fill an important role as the only non-profit open-access printmaking studio in the area
6.  Because we are serious about solvent, fiscally and minerally
APS has shown fiscal responsibility by operating in the black for 10 years!  Minerally… for cleaning black ink in the studio
5.  Because our education program offers a range of classes and workshops throughout the year, often 4 nights a week
4.  Because we know how to mind our p's and q's
If you don’t get it, sign up for a letterpress class!
3.  Because our "APS" has never had a cheating scandal
2.  Because our Emerging Artist Residency rocks
The competitive residency program provides selected artists 6 months access to the studio, a stipend, and additional resources to grow professionally and complete an independent project
1.  Because we're not the Fed and can't print our own money!
Please make your donations online

or mail a check payable to Atlanta Printmakers Studio to
675 Metropolitan Parkway SW #6026, Atlanta, GA 30310
All money will go to the general operating fund and is tax deductible.  Any amount is appreciated!   Here are examples of what your money supports:
$30 purchases new ink for a class
$70 provides one week of general art supplies for the studio
$150 pays a workshop instructor
$400 supports receptions for exhibits and open house
$1000 provides needed letterpress maintenance and parts
$1600 supports one artist for a 6-month Emerging Artist Residency
Thank you for your generous support!