Beginning in 2009, Atlanta Printmakers Studio has commissioned local artists to produce an annual Collector’s Print. These prints offer the community a chance to collect a limited edition, hand-pulled print at a great price by an established artist. Sale of these prints not only benefits the organization, but furthers our mission to develop an educated audience for fine prints. The list of artists who have produced these prints represents a range of artists, with a wide variety of subjects, imagery and media which also reflect diverse interests in contemporary printmaking.

Proceeds will support the mission and operations of the studio.

by Lucha Rodriguez
Price: $250
Size: 20"x26"
Edition: 25 signed by artists
Image: 7 color screenprint
Hand printed by the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Lucha Rodriguez received her MFA in Printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010, and her BFA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2006. Her work ranges from etchings, monoprints and colorful silkscreens, to immersivemulti-layered installations of cut paper, each created with pink – the artist’s signature color.

Rodriguez’s intricate imagery recall the inner workings of the body and the books of medical illustrations that fascinated her as a child inspire her forms. Born in Venezuela, Rodriguez has exhibited globally with solo and group shows throughout the U.S., India, Mexico, China, and France. Her work is included in The High Museum of Art, Modern and Contemporary Art Collection in addition to various private institutional and individual collections. The artist lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lucha’s print, Catatumbo, is based on one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena –  Catatumbo lightning which occurs in a small area of northwestern Venezuela, where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo. Known as Relámpago del Catatumbo, or “the everlasting storm,” this natural light show illuminates the sky for up to 160 nights a year, for as long as 10 hours at a time. And it’s not just the odd fierce strike, this storm produces as many as 280 per hour.  The persistent flashes are so bright that they can be seen for up to 250 miles and consequently were used for centuries by Caribbean navigators in colonial times, resulting in the nickname “Lighthouse of Catatumbo.”

Due to the presence of varying amounts of dust particles or water vapor in the atmosphere the flashes appear in a variety of striking colors, from reds and oranges to blues and purples.


I'm So Zora! by Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier & Jerushia Graham
Price: $350
Size: 22"x30" screenprint
Edition: 36 signed by artists
Image: 9 colors
Hand printed by the artists at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

This print is an ode to the legendary Zora Neale Hurston (1981 - 1960) American author, folklorist, & anthropologist best known for her Novel "There Eyes Were Watching God". During a time when DuBois and other contemporaries were expounding the virtues of the "Talented Tenth," Zora chose to focus her energies recording & preserving African American vernacular and daily cultural activities. She drew particular strength and inspiration from having been raised in Eatonville, FL, the first incorporated African American municipality in the country.

The print features an image of children in Eatonville doing a ring dance. The photograph was taken by Alan Lomax during a trip he and Hurston took to Eatonville to collect folk songs. The birds in the print reference "The Crow Song," a song which Zora Neale Hurston  collected during her travels and later captured on an audio recording. The central figure emerging from the ring of children and pool of water references Zora's induction into to the spiritual practice of vodoun.

Zora was a dynamic, independent, opinionated, charismatic figure. She did not allow herself to be relegated to the traditional roles assigned women during her lifetime. For free spirits, independent thinkers, and those who treasure the beauty in the every day speech and movements of people, we all have a little Zora within us.


untitled by HENSE
Price: $350
Size: 20"x26" screenprint
Edition: 25 signed by artist
Image: 14 colors
Hand printed for the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Native to Atlanta and known initially for name recognition as a graffiti artist, award-winning public artist Alex Brewer’s nearly two decades of working in the realm of public art, grants, commissions, and cross-media connections have landed him local, national and international public art projects. Brewer developed his skill for graffiti in the mid to late ‘90s and early 2000s. Atlanta’s anti graffiti ordnance of 2003 moved Brewer into the realm of granted and commissioned public art. He has received numerous commissions, particularly from the city of Atlanta. The latest was the Arizona Avenue mural “Float,” in 2012. HENSE recently completed his largest exterior public wall to date, which was a commissioned work for ISIL Institute in Lima, Peru. The artwork was painted in 2013 and measures 137 feet tall and 170 feet wide.
HENSE began his career painting and writing on walls in and around Atlanta and has since produced numerous public wall works internationally. Combining the language and techniques of graffiti art with the formal language of abstract painting, Brewer has produced artworks that incorporate line, shape, and gesture to create abstract compositions that are invigorated by the quick pace and commentary of street culture.


Everything Will Be OK (Module) 2008 by Jason Kofke
Price: $250
Size: 12" x 18" etching
Edition: 25 signed by artist
Image: 2 plates, 2 colors
Hand printed by the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Jason Kofke understands a culture by images of what has been abandoned, discarded, or abrogated. He uses art as salvage ethnography to attribute meaning to events of the past. His projects empathize with communal historical experiences and attempt to make sense of the present through a re-exploration of a common history.

Everything Will Be OK, Module, 2008 is an image of a component of the international space station. This module, constructed in Japan and named ‘Kibo’ was launched and installed in 2008 via Japan’s Aerospace agency, JAXA. During one of Kofke’s residencies in Japan, he was invited to tour the space center and was allowed to explore a reconstruction of this pressurized living module, capturing this image. An etching of this image exemplifies Kofke’s artistic interests: the use of old media in an attempt to explain or preserve new media. The title frames the image and our associations and conceptions of past, present, and future humans in space.


Personal Language by Omar Richardson
Price: $300
Size: 29 1/2” x 41 1/2”
Edition: 25 signed by artist
Image: 2 color woodcut
Hand printed with the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Omar Richardson was born in Nassau, Bahamas in an area called Bain Town also known as West Street. After high school he continued on to the College of the Bahamas, where he studied painting and ceramics. With encouragement from his instructors to further his education abroad Omar transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he completed a B.F.A. in painting and a minor in printmaking. He continued at SCAD earning a M.F.A. in printmaking and an M.A. in commercial photography.

I am interested in cultural and personal symbolism and its relation to the human condition. The human condition is very closely related to human emotions. The key concepts in my work are memory, reflection, loss and re-invention. Focusing on what is lurking beneath the surface, Omar’s work captures the complexities of cultural emotions and reflects his life experiences. It is through a windstorm of emotions that he has found his voice and pushes his, as he journeys through love lost, friendships and most of all, the pain, reflection and memories of death that reveal both the frailty and the strength of the human condition.



Trap by Stephanie Smith
Price: $250
Size: 18” x 12” linocut
Edition: 25 signed by artist
Image: 6 color relief utilizing 4 linoleum blocks
Hand printed by the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

This beautiful, hand-pulled print entitled “Trap” is an 8” x 12” multi-block linocut created in our studio by APS founding president, Stephanie Smith.

My work is concerned with narrative and symbolism. It is an investigation of images of personal significance and an attempt to translate the personal into a universal reading by using symbols and metaphor. Visual storytellers Lynd Ward and Frans Masereel, as well as comix and graphic artists, are an influence in much of my work. The visual iconography of medieval woodcuts and altarpieces serve as inspiration and a system of communication based on images and commonly understood symbols as opposed to reliance on the written word.

Stephanie Smith is an accomplished printmaker who earned her MFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia and BFA from the Atlanta College of Art. She is the founding president of Atlanta Printmakers Studio and is a Lecturer at the University of West Georgia where she teaches Drawing, Design, and Printmaking as well as serving as Gallery Director. In 2010 and 2009 Stephanie was an artist in residence at the Hambidge Center for Creative Studies in Rabun Gap, GA and in 2003 was awarded a KBFUS Cultural Exchange Grant and traveled to Belgium, Holland, and France. While in Belgium she was an artist in residence at the Frans Masereel Centrum where she completed several prints. Her work has been in numerous group and solo exhibitions and was recently selected as one of 6 printmakers to represent the United States in the 1st MAAPS International Printmaking Exhibition which traveled in Canada, South Korea, and China. Stephanie’s work is represented in the collections of the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium, Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas, King and Spalding, DeKalb Council for the Arts, Fulton County Arts Council, Hastings College, the University of Dallas, and the University of Georgia President’s Collection, among others.


Just A Note by Ruth Laxson
Price: $400
Size: 15”h x 18”w
Edition: 50 signed by artist
Intaglio: copper plate etching, with hard ground, aquatint and chine colle
Hand printed with the artist at Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Our first Collector’s Print was created by one of Atlanta’s most noted and loved artists. This print is a limited edition etching called “Just a Note” by Ruth Laxson. (Order form is below).

This etching is a poetic effort to retrieve the joy of mail hand delivered by the postman” says Laxson, “and an attempt to foster the survival of the handwritten page.”  Communication is a major theme of Laxson’s work. She uses language as a working material. Automatic writing and pattern poetry are the hallmarks of Laxson’s artistic style as she merges text and image into text as image.

RUTH LAXSON, with a national reputation for her artists books, is featured in many important collections. Ruth’s work appears in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, The Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Museum, London, Fleet Library at Rhode Island School of Design , Yale University Fine Art & Architecture Library, Getty Center Museum, CA, Sackner Collection, Miami, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the High Museum, Atlanta, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. Ruth is represented by Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta.

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Catatumbo  by   Lucha Rodriguez       

Catatumbo by Lucha Rodriguez



I'm So Zora!     by  Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier and Jerushia Graham    

I'm So Zora! by Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier and Jerushia Graham


untitled   by  HENSE    

untitled by HENSE


Everything Will Be OK (Module) 2008   by  Jason Kofke

Everything Will Be OK (Module) 2008 by Jason Kofke

Personal Language   by  Omar Richardson

Personal Language by Omar Richardson

Trap   by  Stephanie Smith

Trap by Stephanie Smith

Just A Note   by  Ruth Laxson

Just A Note by Ruth Laxson